Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher, was declared the wisest man of the time because he “knew what he did not know.” Growing expertise implies focus in a specific field and as businesses grow, their employees grow with it. Consultants are problem-solvers hired repeatedly to analyze this expertise - in personnel or otherwise - across different functions and roles. Most companies today struggle with silo mentalities or structures: isolated teams with hindered information flows. This, coupled with the practical realities of busy work schedules and lack of relevant experiences is a formula for disaster when dealing with problems in businesses. We want to be the consultants who will walk by your side for the long term. We want to partner with innovators, start ups, SMEs and large corporates by adding value through our entrepreneurial team and creative mindset. We encourage disruptive technologies and will brainstorm with you to make them happen. Our consulting divisions are unique and we assure tangible, measurable results. 

But, what is it you ACTUALLY DO?

The CEO of Volkswagen famously said, “If you want to ruin a company, you only have to try fixing it with the help of external consultants.” Some studies estimate that an astonishing 80% of all consulting projects fail. Reasons can range from non-feasibility for practical reasons to failing at implementation phase.

There are many situations where an organization needs to validate the recommendations of their management or approve tough decisions. As the impact and/or risk increases, the inclination to look outside for a different perspective is strong, and rightly so. Dedicated time, expertise, objectivity, openness and credibility are some of the broad strokes that paint the case for collaborating with consultants. Change is constant and is driven from within. The role of a consultant is to trigger positive change within individuals, teams, communication patterns and systems.

Learn something new every day.

At PAS, consulting assignments are journeys of discovery leading to proposed solutions. When deliverables are well-defined, standardized models and frameworks with a little customization are sufficient. This is where we differentiate ourselves as we start all our projects with “fresh eyes.” The teams are structured and function in a way that promotes the application of our existing frameworks and models as a reference point towards building better solutions consistently.