Turnaround Strategies

PASL's focus on turnaround consulting strikes a chord with the main motive behind our pure consulting solutions. We understand that companies intrinsically know their position in their respective markets. When it is evident that something needs to change, PASL's consultants rejuvenate the business by:


·          Prioritizing cost reduction and avoidance

·          Identifying underperforming setups

·          Creating process improvement plans and managing their execution

·          Stimulating teams

·          Guiding supply chain and company communications

·          Leveraging our financial services division to find ways to give our customers maximum value


We give priority to short term, quickly-implementable solutions while continuing to work on a more stable, long term strategy. PASL believes in continuity and our turnaround consulting is centered around this point. We remain involved until financial indicators show the improved story and realize that there is little margin of error as it is not usually feasible for companies to act on a second attempt at a turnaround.

There is no blueprint for success and this is where we add value by building consensus on what needs to happen next and in the long term. We aim to identify why a company exists in the first place and how its position is impacted/impacts their supply chain partners as well. PASL's strategy is to take nothing for granted provide guidance on maneuvering through difficult decisions.