Corporate Social Responsibility

India's economic growth story is real. Development is our mantra. Yet behind it all, though more aptly put "around it all", is a harsh reality that eats at the core of what we are trying to achieve as a nation. We at PASL promote companies taking more responsibility for the overall nurturing of the society it operates in. We aim to take a professional approach to locate the most appropriate opportunity for our customer's involvement.

The salient features of PASL's corporate social responsibility hinge around:

·         Studying the company vision, mission and values: How do our customers see themselves?

·         Mobilizing employees to act as brand ambassadors for the cause

·         Conceptualizing CSR activity by internalizing the selection process

·         Creating a long term plan with measurable success objectives

·         Educating our client's employees on societal stress factors

·         Creating a mechanism for the company to conveniently get involved in activities of varying scopes.

We consider this practice to have a higher purpose but at the same time require that the CSR activity be measurable so that our customers can track the immense positivity its choices create in society.

Recognizing social responsibility through the Company Law is a worldwide first.