Puneet Advisory Services



Puneet Advisory provides a 360-degree approach focused on delivering the best possible solution to clients, to attain their objectives, thereby helping them exploit their full potential. We are a unique advisory and consultancy firm that helps corporates to design their business strategies that are aligned to their company’s vision. Strategy matters to all companies, as it is a major determinant of the success of their business. We approach projects holistically and strive to ensure that solutions in specific areas impact optimally across the value chain and its stakeholders. We follow a comprehensive strategic analysis process and have empirically demonstrated the application of business theories into real-world business situations.

We offer an assortment of business consulting services, but, we also provide exclusive service or solution auxiliary to your business needs.


Companies today face more complex challenges than ever before. The economic pressures influence their business operations forcing them to operate more cost-effectively. Each business has its own unique personality. This personality evolves over time but essentially, it is a reflection of the culture, values, objectives, and goals of the organisation and the alignment of the people within this framework.

We at Puneet Advisory strives to empower business owners through knowledge and ideas to attain optimal outcomes. We understand that when the business struggles, it’s the leadership that is at the core. The way you lead your people, matters. Hence, we work closely with management to ensure that the environment, people and strategy are aligned and work together.

We assess the management objectives by identifying their key characteristics, such as their business and financial acumen. We follow a structured approach and perform a multi-criteria analysis, to find relevant quantitative and qualitative data. Management competence is a key driver of business results. A business is not judge purely on financial management, therefore we support the leadership team to execute the plan.


Fund Raising

  • Facilitated its clients to raise funds, both in the form of Debt and Equity.
  • Raised more than INR 30,000 Million in total.
  • Value-added services like conducting company valuation, creating due diligence reports, negotiation of contracts, etc.
  • We assure a smoother transit for our clients through the entire process.
  • Raised debentures for PSU’s and have been appointed as Merchant Banker for a few Gilt Funds.
  • Raised debentures for PSU’s and have been appointed as Merchant Banker for a few Gilt Funds.

Strategic Alliance

  • We provide start to end assistance to successfully accomplish a project.
  • Our able team of associates and delegates have implemented various M&A, Joint Ventures, Strategic partnership assignments.
  • We provide strategic advisory services to assist the sale of promoters’ stake, offshore equity stake and cross border M&A transactions.

Wealth Management Advisory

  • In the past, we have managed investments for HNI’s/UHNI’s, offering personalised solutions that are truly aligned with the client's financial needs and goals.
  • The AUM amounted to INR 1,000 Million.
  • Having said that we also offered investment advisory services to trust and handled Government Securities trading.