PAS is a solution center for financial and management consulting services with a national presence. We look to present a fresh perspective in our strategies and leave no gaps in our practices. Born in 1995, our visionary leadership still steers the course and our valuable business partnerships serve all of our customer's needs.  With a nod to the complex financial environment in India, we strive to fill our palette with "pure" projects and approach them with a committed ownership mindset.

 Hard work, integrity and creative thinking defines PAS. We have evolved with two decades of experience and exposure to Indian and global financial markets and focus on lean operations and strategies within our company as well. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and tie our customer's success with that of PAS's.

 We look to provide practical solutions for our customers by:

·         Considering every project to be unique

·         Gathering our customer's expertise and field knowledge

·         Striving to provide multiple solutions

·         Making consensus-based recommendations

·         Challenging the status quo at every stage

PAS's vision is to be a trusted advisor every time we are called upon. We create sustainable strategies and remain involved until they are a fabric of our customer's business. Our methodical approach holds us in good stead to target cross-functional problems and bring everything together.


"Solutions and Consults. Pure. Every day, Every time"